Hello Tube Sound Lover,

My name is Radu Tarta and I live with my family in Connecticut. In 2012 I re-started my passion for electron tubes, abandoned some more than 30 years ago, in a completely new direction: sound with tubes. There is always a inspirational moment in one’s life that changes the course of events. My moment came in  the form of desire to create excellent sounding devices using mostly triodes. I am a “tube handyman” and I love designing and building with tubes. I am predisposed for perfectionism, keep trying and experimenting until I am satisfied with the sound.

​I love electron tubes. I love the way they look, and how organic and clean they sound. I was 9 back in the 70′s when I saw the glow of a tube for the first time. Mr. S. was our favorite TV repairman. He fed my wonders during my childhood years. Ever since, I love electricity, path that I followed as my career. When I was 10, I found out that a charged capacitor needs help in order to discharge. It was my first tube rectifier power supply.

I spent many evenings and late night experimenting. At that point in time my interests where in radio, mostly short waves. Living in a communist totalitarian system was not fun. Forget about freedom and liberty of expression. Short waves, especially through Radio Free Europe kept my hopes high. All my tubes went off when I left my parents home and start my own life experience.

Recently, my tubes are glowing again. An old passion reborn. This time the steps are taking me on the sound road.  I am continuously reading  everything related to electron tubes and audio. Every day is a new experience. I believe in hard work and continuous improvement. I am a music lover and mostly passionate for classical, but I do enjoy any other type of quality music. I love Brahms, Chopin, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, and many other composers. I enjoy listening to Arthur Rubinstein, David Oistrach, Dinu Lippatti and many many other interpreters. On the other hand I would listen for hours the music of Genesis, Pink Floyd, Rush, Bon Jovi. In my moody days I enjoy Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane. And the list continues…
Dreams can come true if they are supported by perseverance and inspiration.
I hope well for all of you who love the tube sound !

Radu Tarta