Custom order

In general, I design and build custom to order. I am specialized in single ended low power amplifiers, mostly using DHTs ( direct heated triodes ). I also design and build headphone amplifiers and preamplifiers. I don’t design and build transmitting tube amps, phono pre and DACs.

My designs are using high quality parts and materials and therefore are not inexpensive. Because of high cost of parts and materials, I am asking for a deposit to cover this initial cost.

Some parts need to be custom ordered. Therefore, the time to procure all the parts and materials can be, in some instances, up to 2 months. Then add time for layout, building and testing, and many times a 3 months lead time is a reality. However, I try my best to keep this lead time under 2 months.

Please email me at with details about your audio system and the specifics of your desired amplifier or preamplifier.

You can use the same email address to send PayPal payments, which is my preferred method of transactions.