Eager to find out more…

Hello Tube Sound Lover,

My name is Radu Tarta and I live with my family in Connecticut. I recently started to continue my passion for electron tubes abandoned some more than 30 years ago. But now in a completely new direction: sound of tubes. There is always a inspirational moment in ones life that changes the course of events. Mine came in  the form of desire to experience more music and building with tube emotions. I am a tube handyman and I love building things with my hands. However, I like to built thing with my mind too. I am predisposed for perfectionism, even though sometimes stays in front of fast progress.

At this point in time I am getting ready. Acquire equipment, built testing equipment and a lot of reading. I am getting ready for the moment when I can say: “Start” . I enjoy reading Dr. Gizmo’s metaphorical essays. They are truly inspirational. However, I spent most of the time reading non-metaphorical technical literature.

I welcome anyone who love tube sound to comment in my blog.

2 thoughts on “Eager to find out more…

  1. I am interested in a 45 SET amplifier and see your very nice 2 chassis version. Do you have a design for a single-chassis version?

    • Hi Steve,
      I’ll send you an email with details.
      The answer is yes, but it is not recommended as it is very hard to have tube rectifier and power supply in the same enclosure with a DHT.
      Luckily the 45 is one of the least microphonic DHTs, and as long as great care is taken to limit the proximity effect of the power supply, it is possible to approach a one enclosure 45 amp.
      Best regards,

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