“Shiny Eyes” PSE progress

Finally I finished the power supply, tested and ran the amplifier using my new Alpair 12P small reflex speakers. After couple hours of various music listening the sound settled to an amazing sound stage, very detailed and a real pleasure to listen to. A glass of shiraz and Diana Krall singing ‘The girl in the other room’…

Can’t wait to put the PSU together ( I already built the enclosure and have the top plate thank to Amir from Proto Panel who is always helpful)  and do some more listening. I hope that in 50-100 hours the amp and speakers will be broken in.

The PSU, as you can distinguish from the picture, have 5 transformers : main form Edcor XPWR019, two Hammond 187F24 for final ‘s filaments and two 187D12 for  driver’s filaments. Filtration is CLCLC with Epcos 35uF polypropylene in oil and Hammond 193D, 8H, 150mA chokes. Rectification is full wave with 6CJ3 tubes. Raw supply for filaments is using 1N5821/22 rectifiers and 10mF CRC common mode filtration. The PSU is connected to the main amplifier through two 7x18AWG cables (one thing that I don’t like is the color of this cable is gray, wish I had find a black one)(from McMaster Carr) and 7 pin military grade eBay connectors from China.


To be continued…



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