Alpair 12P small reflex enclosures ready for the first listening session (2nd part)

Alpair 12P small reflex enclosures ready for the first listening session (2nd part)

A lot of excitement today. I was able to finish the assembling of my new speakers. The cabinets are stained presenting a cherry wood look and covered for protection with a clear coating. After an appropriate period of time to fully dry, today I started by cutting the Ultra-Touch Denim insulation ( over here used as sound absorbent)and glue it to all the interior sides of the enclosure. The last piece was installed after securing the speaker’s banana plugs. The wire connecting the banana plugs to the driver terminals is the same as the one used to connect the speaker to the amp and is a 12 gauge Auvio (sold by Radio Shack) high purity 99.95% OFC and silver plated copper. Screwed back the detachable  bottoms and here we go….can’t wait to listen to their sound…

photo (4)photo (1)photo (7)photo (9)photo (10)

Just one “little” concern: kids and dogs…I am looking now for a solution to cover the drivers with a grill for the periods when I am not listening.



4 thoughts on “Alpair 12P small reflex enclosures ready for the first listening session (2nd part)

  1. Hi . Thanks for share nice work. Could u please comment listening experience ? Any orchestral large scale music?

  2. Hi Jose,
    I used these speakers with several amp types, including single ended low power tube amps and solid state First Watt F4.
    Depending on what type of music you are listening to, I would suggest to use the appropriate amp. For example if listening to vocal ( not complex), jazz or single instrument classical then a single ended tube amp is awesome…beautiful mids. If you are into hard rock, large scale orchestra or chorus, then I would recommend push-pull 25Wrms max per channel. These speakers can easily handle heavy, complex music with solid bass, sweet mids and well defined highs.
    I am looking forward to built a MTL bigger enclosure. I bought the plans from Bob Brines at I am sure that having the Alpair 12P in an appropriate enclosure will sound even more rewarding…

    Hope this helps.

    • Hi Radu
      Sorry for late reply. I spent this time serching and compareing several sizes and brands of fullrangers, Fostex, Sonido, Alpair, Audio Nirvana and thanks for your comments I came to Apair 12p as the best compromise for my taste. OK it´s expensive but “you got what you pay”. Thanks again, sorry for delay and very best regards.

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