Shiny Eyes Turbo 45 SET Amplifier

Shiny Eyes Turbo 45 SET Amplifier


My latest 45 amplifier is a great candidate for a keeper. After a listening session to a Yamamoto 45 amplifier at Rich’s place, and following his thought about more power from a 45 amp that can better drive his Zu audio 99 dB speakers, I started a R&D and breadboarded many of driver choices. The final result was a switchable EML45/45B with 45 driver and 6SN7 gain stage. Despite the efforts to make it as compact as possible, in one enclosure, the final result was a 20.5x13x11″ and 55 lbs monster. The power supply contribute to a good portion of the weight. It has a custom made Heyboer power transformer used for HT with a 750V CT feeding a full wave tube rectifier ( 2x 6CJ3) followed by a 1.5/10uF-LL1673/10H CCMR mode-100uF/550V ¬†Mlytic HV+–LL1673/10H CMMR mode – 220uF/550V Mlytic HV+–. All filaments are DC regulated using LD 1085/V. Separate dual bobbin 56W Triad transformers are used for all 4 of the 45/45B tubes. The 6SN7 filament is also fed from a regulated power supply.

The amplifier is using Electra print 7k/8 ohms low IMD custom transformers and LL2753/30mA as interstage. One can use different type of 45 for the driver such as old RCAs, old globes, EML45. The final tubes can be either any type of 45 or switchable to EML45B.

The wood case is made of exotic bocote wood sealed with 3 coats of shellac and two coats of urethane.

The amplifier sounds excellent using 45 globes for the driver and EML45 for the finals, but is really blooming when using EML45 as driver and EML45B for the final.